Contributors to the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering often wonder where their donations go. The Presbyterian Hunger Program, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and Self-Development of People combined efforts to illustrate the reach of the offering’s funds. Today they launched an interactive global map that details initiatives being supported, along with Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) sites.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015, at McDowell PC,  12.30 pm – 3.00 pm: CWS Hygiene Kit Event, hosted by Highland Presbyterian Women. Any and all are invited to put together their own kits or buy some of the items listed below to combine with others for kits to be sent to PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance) for use wherever they are needed. It’s amazing what a difference the small things can make when you’ve lost everything. And as we sit and watch with horror events unfolding with the refugees making their way to Europe, we are left to wonder what we can do to help. This is one thing we can do. And it does help.

To assemble the requested Hygiene Kit you will need:

  • One hand towel measuring approximately 16″ x 28″ (no fingertip or bath towels)
  • One washcloth
  • One wide-tooth comb
  • One nail clipper
  • One bar of soap (bath size in wrapper)
  • One toothbrush (in original packaging)
  • Six standard size Band-Aids®

PLEASE do not add toothpaste. Toothpaste with an extended expiration date will be added to Hygiene Kit shipments just prior to shipment. Seal all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper closure. Please do feel free to put together your own kit or bring individual kit items to be put together with other donations at the church.


Update: December 12, 2014: 

Cancelled! Sunday, December 21, 2014 – 7:00 pm: A Parish-wide Christmas Program will NOT be held at Monterey PC.


Remember in Prayer

Roy Martin, Bill Burslem, and Renee McCulloch left the US on October 21, 2014 to visit our friends in our mission partner, the Illubabor Bethel Synod (IBS) in Metu, Ethiopia. One purpose for this trip is the renewal of our Partnership Covenant for the coming 5 years. This Covenant spells out how we will work together to grow God’s Kingdom in both IBS and Shenandoah Presbytery. The first Covenant was signed in 1989 after Shenandoah sent the first visitors to Ethiopia to meet and learn about our new partners. Since then, visitor exchanges occur every year as a part of the Covenant agreement.

 This is Roy Martin’s first visit to Ethiopia. He is learning more about this 25 year partnership that has lead to our mutual benefit. Renee McCulloch, chair of Shenandoah’s Partnership Committee, will be visiting Harrisonburg First Presbyterian’s church-to-church partner, the Jimma Church, in Jimma, Ethiopia while they are there.

 Please remember our team in prayer as they visit and travel about, renewing and creating relationships to carry us through the next 5 years.


Update: September 4, 2014

Christian and Muslim aid groups have united to issue an urgent call for action by international organizations to work for an end to the dire and “horrific” suffering in Iraq.

European Union leaders pledged Saturday to increase endeavors to combat ISIL (Islamic State in Levant), the extremist Sunni group, and take on the threat created by fighters going back to the EU from Iraq and Syria.

More than 1.5 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in Iraq and the number is set to increase said the international humanitarian and development network ACT Alliance, which includes the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as a member.

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Iraq victims




The Plea More than 1.5 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in Iraq after fleeing the violence and religious persecution that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), has inflicted upon large portions of northern and western Iraq .

The country is now contending with one of the largest internal displacements in the world. Many of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) are persecuted religious minorities, including Yazidis* and Christians who are trapped in Sinjar, the Ninewa Plains, or Iraqi Kurdistan near the Syrian border, with little access to food or water.

The militant group continues its encroachment in the region, and the number of IDPs is expected to increase.

In a letter from our mission partner The National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, we hear, “We cry to all Christian churches around the world to move, raise their voices to the world powers to stop such inhumane acts against humanity . . . We call upon the world to motivate every possibility to prevent annihilation of the Christians and other minorities at the hand of criminal groups such as Daesh in this part of the world . . . we cry to God to give peace and bring this tragic situation to an end. In God we trust and to God we cry.”


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) has already sent One Great Hour of Sharing funds to our mission partner the National Evangelical Church of Iraq, who is providing families who have fled from Mosel with food, water, clothing, fuel, hygiene items, and bedding.

PDA is also responding as a member of the ACT Alliance in providing humanitarian aid and carrying out protection initiatives, particularly for women and children.

ACT is also calling for human rights and international humanitarian law to be respected, and is urging governments and intergovernmental bodies to find a lasting solution to the crisis and to identify proactive actions to respond to early signs of conflicts.

Stand in the GAP and help the thousands of families forced from their home because of their faith to receive food and other essential items.

How you can help

Stand in the GAP for those in need and help the church respond to this crisis.


Share your financial blessings by designating gifts to DR000082-Iraq. Individuals may give through your local Presbyterian congregation, online, or by mailing a check to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) P.O. Box 643700 Pittsburgh , PA 15264-3700 .


God of mercy, God of peace, how long? How long, O Lord?
For your people in Iraq , the knock at the door in the dark of night may be a stranger in need,
or the onset of violence…grant courage and wisdom.
Your children seek to be Christ’s generous presence to those in desperate need,
to practice welcome in the midst of terror.
They flee before the threat of violence and death: shelter them with your grace.
In the midst of such complex chaos, help us not to turn away,
but to keep our hearts and eyes open
to be generous in prayer and in practice
To aid our neighbors as they work, even in the midst of fearfulness
to give with generosity, receive with love, and trust in the
refuge of your sheltering wings.
May your Spirit of courage, of mercy and of peace be upon them, and us all, in Christ’s name.

Photo Credit: IRIN photo of Iraqis fleeing the Sinjar region, by Médecins Sans Frontières

*Who are the Yazidis and what do they believe? Here is one source: