Beulah Presbyterian Church


Welcome to Beulah Presbyterian Church’s page.

Our History:

Before Beulah existed Presbyterians were worshiping together in the Rehobeth Methodist Church which was located on RT. 604.  The Lexington Presbytery appointed a committee to investigate whether there was enough interest to form a church at “Back Creek, Highland County VA”.

On June 7, 1873, after two worship services a church was organized and called Rehobeth Church.   J. Kenny Campbell was elected, ordained and installed as the first ruling elder.

The building that was being was used for worship services was called THE HALL and both congregations were considering building an official church building.  The Methodist offered to help with building a church on conditions that the church not be a Presbyterian Church- but a union.  Everyone agreed and construction began.  The building was completed in 1877 and on Feb 17, 1878 was named Beulah Church after being suggested by Rev. Laird who read aloud Isaiah 62.4

“You shall no more be termed Forsaken, and your land shall no more be termed Desolate; but you shall be called my delight is in her and your land Married (Beulah in Hebrew)”

In 1945 the Methodist Church sold their half of ownership to the Presbyterian Church and on Nov. 11, 1945 Beulah Church became solely Presbyterian.

Sunday School Rooms and a Fellowship hall were added in mid 1957

Interesting Facts about Beulah:

  • The charter members came as transfers from Pisgah PC, Mossy Creek PC, Warm Springs PC, M.E. Church, South and Lewisburg WVA and two people who made a profession of Faith.
  • DV Ruckman gave 2 acres for the church lot in what was known as Ruckman’s Gap which is between Little Mountain and LantzMountain.
    • Charles Wade provided the sills (for the sanctuary) from large white oaks on his property and not only did he donate them- he hand hewed them with a broad ax with the help of Adam McGuffin.
    • Sidney Ruckman the architect made the pulpit from walnut and cherry wood.  It was ornamented with carvings shaped with the pen knife.
    • The Sanctuary is 32×48 feet and will sit 380 people.
    • In 1930 an organ was purchased for the church and during its transport the wagon upset on a curve in West Augusta- the organ was not harmed.
    • Beulah had it’s own manse that was eventually sold into private ownership in 1960 (the year Beulah was made part of Monterey Church Group).
    • Beulah is on it 3rd set of Communion Ware which was first used on World Wide Communion Sunday  in 1947.