Monterey Presbyterian Church

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Welcome to Monterey Presbyterian Church’s page.

Our History:

Monterey’s beginnings are found within the history of Pisgah itself.  Presbyterians living in Monterey who wanted to remain true to their religious beliefs joined Pisgah, but worshiped in Monterey at the county courthouse from 1870-1873.

The membership grew and in 1873 the first church building was built on land donated by a local family. Monterey was a satellite of Pisgah until June 23, 1878, when it was officially organized.  Osborne Wilson was elected clerk of session and Dr. Patterson and Jesses Slaven served as elders.

In 1909 it was decided that original building was not adequate so construction began on a new building. It was dedicated on September 10, 1911.  The building is of stone construction with Stained Glassed windows. The church was renovated in 1968.  The educational/fellowship building was built in 1960.

Today in 2009 Monterey church is still growing and has begun a Capital Improvement Campaign to add a new kitchen and storage and renovate the existing kitchen into a church office.

Interesting Facts about Monterey:

  • According to the minutes of the session Mrs.  C.S.M. See (the organizing pastor’s wife) sold all of her jewelry and bought the church bell which is still rung before services today.
  • In 1950 wood stoves were removed as the heating source and replaced with an oil furnace which eventually died in 1972.  Electric heat was installed and is still in use today in the Sanctuary and adjoining class rooms.
  • Rev. A. Emerson Johnson is the longest serving pastor- he came straight from Union Seminary in Richmond in 1929 and left 34 years later in 1963.
  • At one time Monterey had board of deacons- but today has a uni-cameral polity with only a Session.
  •  The Christmas Cantata is a tradition of the church that began in 1974 and continues today.
    • Monterey participates in community church services with the other Monterey Churches to host and participate in- Thanksgiving Day service, Christmas Dinner, Easter Sunrise Service.