Pisgah Presbyterian Church

Pisgah Winter 09a

Welcome to Pisgah Presbyterian Church’s Individual Page.


Pisgah was first church formed in Church Group and at the time of its formation was not in Highland County but Bath.  On November 19, 1831 the church was officially organized with the election of Ruling Elders( Thomas Kincaid, John Stephenson, Robert Haslett and Robert Corby) and admitted to the Lexington Presbytery.

Today it is the second oldest in the County.  The original building was taken down on June 16, 1877 and a new building was finished on September 7, 1878.  The picture you see below is the new building which is a small frame building consisting of  a sanctuary, vestibule and balcony.

Here are some interesting facts about Pisgah:

  •  The pulpit that is used today was constructed of wood from the original building.
  • The oil lamp chandelier that hangs in the sanctuary today was converted to electricity in 1937.  It arrived at the church in 1929 and traveled from Massachusetts by horse and wagon.
  • The pews were made from trees located on the property- notice the wideness.
    • The Women of the Church replaced the windows in 1956 at a cost of $373.00
    • The doors leading into the Sanctuary are small- so small that caskets do not fit- only one or two funerals have ever been held at church and on one occasion the casket was brought in through a window.
    • The communion cloths used today were made by Mrs. Alta Brock, a member and given by Sarah Stephenson in 1983 in memory of her husband William.
    • The Pulpit Bible is dated to 1872.
    • The Bible Marker was made in 1974 by Mrs. Bessie Gum who hand wove it around the age of 85.  Mrs. Gum lived to the age of 106 and was still weaving items till the age of 103.
    • The stained glass window in the balcony area was made by Jackie Stephenson and given in 1985 by Lucille and Sue Dudley.
    • Pisgah has had two chapels in its history that are both no longer active. Hudson Memorial was organized in 1934 and Brushy Ridge.
    • The majestic oak that stands near the church building is more than 300 years old according to a forester.